Want To Be Sure That Your Mail Won't Explode?

I'm really not in favor of exploding and I don't like the way that people keep blowing each other up lately.  Every other time I turn on the news either some zealot has plowed a truck full of bombs into a grocery store, a school has received a bomb threat, or somebody has discovered a mysterious package sitting on a park bench.

And though the news is thankfully devoid mail bomb incidents as of late, the concept remains no less disturbing.  That's where this little whopper comes into play:

This is the Scanmail 10K, a desk-top mail scanner that can automatically detect highly explosive materials in letters and packages.  Specific components scanned for include circuitry, detonators, batteries, and timers.

As a bonus, the Scanmail 10K can also detect other dangerous items, such as razor blades, while ignoring regular office materials such as paper clips.  Whenever a dangerous item is detected, visual and audio alarms activate.

The scanner requires no calibration (just plug it in and get to work saving your office from incendiary devices) and scanning will not damage film or magnetic media.

The "10K" in this scanners title comes from the insane amount of items that can be screened in one hour: 10,000.  That's quite a staggering amount.  The contents of a mailsack take only 3 - 5 minutes to scan.  The Scanmail 10K can accommodate packages that are up to 2.5" thick by 15" wide, with length being unlimited.

That makes me wonder how it would react if it scanned a long box with a snake in it...

Sadly, I'll probably never find out.  The price tag is a bit steep - between $2,999 to $3,900 depending on where you shop.  And while there's no price that you can put on safety, there is a price that my wallet just can't meet.

You can get your Scanmail 10K at Spy Stuff or from Amazon
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