Want To Delete Your Social Networking Accounts Once And For All? Try DeleteYourAccount.com

If you're on Facebook, like most of the internet, then you've likely seen announcements regarding Facebook's new default privacy policy.  While not a big deal for many people, the new privacy settings have made public almost everything on your account, and everything you've been tagged in.  If you want to leave the site once and for all, and leave no trace of yourself to be discovered, you'll want to check out DeleteYourAccount.com.

The site has detailed instructions on how to really get your account off the internet with no uncertain terms.  But the information on DeleteYourAccount isn't just about Facebook.  The site's owners have compiled methods for getting rid of all kinds of social media accounts from AOL to YouTube.  All the methods I checked out were accurate and effective, although in a few cases you'll find that you cannot undo your deletion.

Web sites typically keep private data for advertising purposes, as well as to restore accounts that have either accidentally gone inactive or are requested to be reactivated at some point in the future.  With most of the methods described on DeleteYourAccount, you'll see that this is usually remedied by some sort of personal request to the site.  The down side is that if a web site truly deletes your information from their servers, there really is no way to get it back.

In a time when social media is becoming more and more a part of our daily lives, it's important to how to put the breaks on an account that might be troublesome for you.  That's why a site like DeleteYourAccount fills a necessary roll for users when most social networking sites are working to prevent people from deleting their information.  If you need something scrubbed off the internet for good, definitely check out DeleteYourAccount.

Feb 1, 2010
by Anonymous

Radical, user friendly

How about input your name & key or select ID PW UN etc, then see what pops uo & then hit Click to Delete.

Nice work IF doable for many sites.

Must expand to Emails, time consuming to go into one by one to remove From Mailing.

Nov 21, 2010
by Anonymous


hi I cannot delete my people jam account and i really want to. please can you help me?