Drive Golfers Crazy With Radio Controlled Golf Ball

Want to torment your golf buddies? This remote controlled golf ball is sure to torment putters.

I'm not a golfer. Nor do I ever plan on being one. While friends of mine insist that it is challenging and exciting, I just don't see it. I dunno... Maybe if grizzly bears or lions were released on the grounds during play, or the balls exploded upon contact with something, I would find it exciting. As it is... I just don't get it.

But I would gladly spend a day on the course with this little gadget: ProActive Sports Radio Controlled Incred-A-Ball. The torture I would inflict on my golf-loving friends would be worth the beating I'd receive at the end of nine-iron.

Incred-A-Ball and its remote controlIncred-A-Ball and its remote control

While it does not explode, the ball has a little gyroscope motor in it that when activated via remote control, sets it moving across the green. There are two modes of movement: random, wild rolling and vibration. I would suspect that the vibration mode would be more subtle initially. From what I can gather, the random rolling mode is just that; the gyroscope would shift weight throughout the ball, causing it to flip-flop all around the green. I used to work with larger gyros on helicopter camera mounts and they can get quite random and active when they need to.



You know those pet toys that are essentially balls with fake raccoon tails attached to them? The ones that roll helter-skelter throughout the house, scaring the hell out of your cat and making your dog's head twist sideways in confusion? Well, that's essentially what the Incred-A-Ball is... only much smaller.

The ball can be switched through three different radio bands to avoid interference; can't have this thing running amuck across the course, now can we? A cradle base station recharges the 1.2 volt battery needed to make the little whopper roll around.

Doesn't Incred-A-Ball look comfy in its charging station?Doesn't Incred-A-Ball look comfy in its charging station?

To get the most out of pranking your friends, I would recommend not using this contraption in the rough or in a sand trap. It probably wouldn't roll as well.

The Incred-A-Ball can be purchased at many sports stores  or online at Amazon . (UPDATE: The Incred-A-Ball is no longer being sold.Luckily, you can sttill get a remote controlled golf ball you can buy. Check out the Swalle Remote Control Toy App-Controlled Bluetooth Robotic Ball.

Now, if you'll excuse me... I have some golfers to torment...


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Nov 20, 2008
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 If my father didn't take

 If my father didn't take his golf game so seriously, this would be the ideal gag gift!


Beth Hodgson
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