Put Chocolate Pasta, Brownies, And Mac & Cheese Back On Your Diet!


FiberGourmet Macaroni & CheeseFiberGourmet Macaroni & Cheese

Do diet foods ever taste like the real thing?  I've always thought that if something tastes like it's fattening, it usually is... or the brand is really messing with you by cutting your portion size - like the bag of 100 calorie snacks that eaten all together may not make a mouthful!   But when I heard about a 'diet' chocolate pasta, I had to look into the company that makes it; then I learned that FiberGourmet makes almost all of my favorite comfort foods in a way that's filling, low-calorie, and full of fiber. Who can pass this up?


What's The Secret?

FiberGourmet makes foods that contain 40 percent less calories, not by cutting the portion size (duh), but by replacing flour with a fiber the company calls resistant starch.  Resistant starch, unlike other starches, is not digested... but it still gives you the health benefits of whole grain fibers, like protecting agains cancer, diabetes, and other diseases, without making you feel bloated and uncomfortable.

As for taste and texture, there's virtually no difference compared to flour-based products. But, FiberGourmet's patent pending resistant starch makes you feel satisfied after you eat it, instead of leaving you craving more. Additionally, independent studies show that resistant starch results in a reduced insulin or glycemic response compared to eating a standard glucose diet.  FiberGourmet's foods are all gluten free and Kosher as well. 

Now, what would you like to try first?  Let's start with dessert, just for fun.


FiberGourmet Desserts

FiberGourmet Lite Frosted BrowniesFiberGourmet Lite Frosted Brownies Lite Frosted Brownie Mix

 Can you deal with a 90 calorie brownie with 12(!) grams of fiber and 1 gram of fat? The box comes with a bag of mix, a sprinkle topping, and a microwavable pan.   Add a spoon of  water, pop in the micro-wave and, in 30 seconds, you're ready to devour a delicious brownie, made with real chocolate and real sugar.  Each box makes one brownie. (find product)


FiberGourmet Lite Cinnamon Crumb CakeFiberGourmet Lite Cinnamon Crumb Cake

Lite Cinnamon Crub Cake Mix

Dessert, breakfast, or just a snack, the Cinnamon Crumb Cake, like the Brownie Mix is fast, easy, healthy, and delicious. (find product)




FiberGourmet Light Pasta


FiberGourmet Lite Pasta (Rotini)FiberGourmet Lite Pasta (Rotini)


Just because it's 'light' doesn't mean it doesn't taste just as good as regular old flour-based pasta (and if you don't know how to serve pasta in interesting ways, FiberGourmet has plenty of recipes for you). But FiberGourmet Light Pasta has 40 percent fewer calories and 18 grams of fiber compared to 2 grams in standard pasta.  FiberGourmet makes spaghetti, linguine, penne... even lasagne noodles, as well as flavored pastas like Red & Black Pepper, Lemon & Pepper, Cajun, and Mushroom. 

You can purchase a Full Sampler of FiberGourmet Light Pasta or the FiberGoumet Light Pasta, Shapes Sampler that comes with FiberGourmet's Light Macaroni & Cheese Diiner (170 calories, 18 grams of fiber).


FiberGourmet Full Sampler Light PastaFiberGourmet Full Sampler Light Pasta


FiberGourmet Light Pasta, ShapesFiberGourmet Light Pasta, Shapes


Chocolate Pasta

Did you think I'd forgotten?  Here it is, just like I promised. Created as a dessert pasta, Chocolate Pasta is nested in the bag for portion control (ahem).  It is made with real cocoa and it only has 130 calories and 18 grams of fiber!


FiberGourmet Chocolate PastaFiberGourmet Chocolate Pasta


FiberGourmet Snack Foods

According to tasters, the Lite Cheese Snacks from FiberGourmet have the same taste as the original Cheez-Its, without the calories or fat.  And if you like them hot, the Lite Nacho Snacks are for you.  As the instructions read: Open bag - eat crackers - feel full - lose weight.


FiberGourmet Lite Cheese Snacks and Lite Nacho SnacksFiberGourmet Lite Cheese Snacks and Lite Nacho Snacks


Comfort foods don't usually come in packages that read: Safety warning: This product may result in weight loss.   I'm looking forward to the chips and cookies that are on FiberGourmet's menu of things to come,  and I'll let you know when they're here! (See FiberGourmet products)


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