Want Off The Grid? This Clockwork Lamp Is For You

Electricity is expensive. And when a squirrel hits a transformer or snow takes down power lines you are left in the dark hoping the candles don't run out. Now you can still have light whenever you want it for free with the First Light reading lamp -- except for the cost of the lamp itself. This cool lamp is powered by a clockwork mechanism instead.

 First Light Reading LampFirst Light Reading Lamp

First Light is clean energy as well since it also does not need any toxic batteries to keep running. The lamp works like a cuckoo clock, complete with the weighted pendulum and cog to make it run. With a glass shade you can watch the mechanism working as it provides its own electricity 

This could be a first step toward other items that can generate their own power -- taking us in a new direction of green.

First Light GearsFirst Light Gears

Since this is a high-end design piece you won't be finding this lamp at Walmart any time soon. However it is available now through PostFossil. The price is only given out upon request, which is code for "this is gonna cost you."  Still, if you have the money to spend it could be a really cool conversation piece as well as a big help when the lights go out.

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