Want An Intelligent Dog? Try Plato Thinkers Treat Sticks


Fido may not be writing dialogues any time soon, but perhaps you can get him to respond when you call him for a Plato Thinkers Treat Stick....


Plato Thinkers Treat Sticks: image via platopettreats.comPlato Thinkers Treat Sticks: image via platopettreats.com

The Sticks are reportedly 'to die for,' which, translated into Dog, might be 'to obey for.'  So, for training, they've been proven successful.  The Thinker Sticks come in Salmon, Chicken, and Duck, and are chock full of natural ingredients that dogs love.  You can feed the sticks whole, as they make nice chewy bone-like treats, or cut them up and use as small treats for training or just loving little kisses.

The question you may have is about Thinkers' potential benefits for your dog's brain health.  Ginko biloba and DHA fatty acids are included in the Treat Sticks, and both ingredients have been found in some veterinary studies to be helpful in enhancing circulation to the brain in the aging dog and cat.  Gingko biloba, in particular, has been found to reduce the frequency of behaviors associated with canine and feline cognitive decline.

Dogs are naturally great philosophers; they teach us so much. Maybe Plato Thinkers will help you keep his focus longer while he's enjoying delicious treats.

sources: Veterinary Practice News, NIH

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