Want To Look Like A Million Dollars? Business Captures Your Image In Precious Metals And Gemstones

Contrary to what its name implies, You Look Like A Million Dollars is not a new makeover business. The name of this business concept is one that you can take literally - it preserves your image using precious materials to form a sculpture that just might require you to take out a million dollar loan.

This innovative new business knows that it's not always enough just to look at yourself in the mirror everyday; sometimes, you need to see your imagine recreated in precious gemstones and metals. You Look Like A Million Dollars is an exclusive service provided by London sculptors Wrightson & Platt. Using both casts of the subject and sculpted forms, these artists make sculptures that look like, and probably cost a million bucks.

The unique sculptures are made from precious metals that are malleable for sculpting, such as gold, bronze and glass. Once the artists have completed the base facial reconstruction, they can then add luxurious adornments to reflect their subject's personality, or simply for aesthetic purposes, like precious gemstones and diamonds. What's a million dollar sculpture without some bling?

The artistic process to create these customized, luxurious sculptures takes place over the period of months, but You Look Like A Million Dollars does offer consultations to discuss your personal art piece. From there, the sky's the limit; you want to look like a million dollars? Get out your checkbook.

You Look Like A Million Dollars is anything but a recession-friendly business, but it's a ludicrous luxury that we can all keep on dreaming about.

Mar 22, 2009
by Anonymous

the riches.

so if anyone decides to get one of these done you should let me know... then let me know where you live... so i can come and steal it so i can sell it on ebay because if you have enough monies for this then you could use just a little less!!!