Stylish Shades Help You See What's Behind You

Spies have to look good while on surveillance.  Well, at least spies like James Bond...  Jason Bourne always looks a bit haggard due to circumstance.  Regardless, both would look quite stylish in these:

The Spy Sunglasses allow the wearer to see what's going on behind them.  To see forward, simply look well... forward, like you normally do when you're trying to avoid plowing into a wall.  To see behind you, simply look to either side of the lenses.  A special reflective coating allows you to see "around" your head.

These would definitely be handy in surveillance scenarios, particularly in crowded areas-so long as you're not walking .  Or if you want to freak out little Billy by telling him exactly what he's doing behind your back.  It would lend credence to every time Moms state, "I have eyes in the back of my head."

Going on that thought, I think every teacher should have a pair of these things.

Oh, yeah.  They provide UV ray protection as well.  And at only $15, they won't empty your wallet.

You can get your Spy Sunglasses at Advanced Intelligence.