Want Spotless, Lint-Free Glassware? Try Wubeez!

If you have taken to serving drinks in dark rooms so your guests might miss the ugly spots and lint on your glassware, there may be a solution to your problem in the form of a product called Wubeez Glass Cleaning Cloths. Wubeez may sound like a name straight out of Bugs Bunny's mouth, but the cloths promise to do an adult job of removing spots, streaks, and lint from glassware!

Like many imperfections in life, once you focus on the surface marks on your supposedly-clean glassware, you are always conscious of them, especially when serving guests. Have you tried adding a drying agent to your dishwasher? Or polishing with a microfiber cleaning cloth? I have.... And they leave plenty of room for improvement!

One even more frustrated observer of his glassware is restaurant waiter-cum- entrepreneur, Robert Hendrickson, who was so sick and tired of seeing spots (on glassware), that he set about finding a solution. The one he found, after an exhaustive survey of cleaning cloths manufactured for clean rooms and hospitals, was a blue 16 inch square cloth now known as Wubeez.

After testing Wubeez with sommeliers in Big Sur, California, Hendrickson decided to market the cleaning cloths for glassware. He says the sommeliers were "blown away" by how well the Wubeez worked. "Not only did the cloth leave the the glasses streak and lint free, it also removed the chlorine odor that commercial dishwashers sometimes leave on glassware. And [the cloth] also cut buffing time by about half, which was a huge bonus."

Another selling feature is how well the Wubeez Glass Cleaning Cloths also work to remove spots from dishes, silverware, and mirrors, according to entrepreneur Hendrickson.

Hey, I'll bite! Wubeez sell for $12.95 for two, at none other than Wubeez.com. There is a 30 percent discount for those in the restaurant and beverage service industry.

(Editor's Note: Amazon also sells a similar Wine Glass Cloth here for about half the price. No idea if it is only half as good?)


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