Want Your Kid To Bathe In Goo? If So, Gelli Baff Is For You

Okay...  Let me go on record as saying that this is the most bizarre-and possibly most disgusting-idea I've seen for a "toy" in a while.

Looks innocuous enough, right?  Cute little package with crazy little cartoon pitchman...

But after seeing this commercial... I'm extremely weirded out.

Holy crap!  They're bathing in neon sludge!  Wouldn't it be cheaper to drench the nearest mud puddle with food coloring then roll your kid around in it?  You could share it with the local porcine community (which would make for some very colorful pigs wandering around the area).

And what's up with the trippy, LSD-induced commercial?

Realistically, while I still think this stuff is gross, I can't help but be intrigued by its ingenuity.  Gelli Baff is made up of a powder (or "goo former") that holds 400 times its own weight in water.  You simply toss this stuff in the water and watch as it turns to blobby nastiness.  Then throw the kiddies in and let them enjoy wallowing in sludge.  Don't worry-the stuff is non-toxic, even if it looks otherwise.

When they've exhausted their energy by either playing or trying to crawl out of the tub in fear of being digested by The Blob, you pour in another packet of "goo dissolver" (which is essentially just salt).  This turns the goo back into water, without a threat of any drainage issues.

So... If you want to re-enact scenes from a classic Steve McQueen movie (yes, the original Blob starred Steve McQueen) and possibly put your kids into therapy, this is the ticket!

By the way: the parent site of this product actually offers a calculator to figure out how much Gelli Baff it would take to turn your pool water into sludge...

Now THAT could be interesting...

You can find Gelli Baff at Amazon and at Gelli Baff.
Jul 11, 2009
by Anonymous

wow awsome!!

wow awsome!!