Warm The Floor With A RugBuddy, Under Rug Space Heater

Since heat rises one of the coldest parts of your home each winter can be the floor. Now it doesn't have to be with a RugBuddy Under Rug Space Heater the lays out on the floor under an area rug. It will keep you and the family toasty warms from the feet up. It's a great addition to a chilly room where the children or grandchildren play.

SpeedHeat Rugbuddy Under Rug Space HeaterSpeedHeat Rugbuddy Under Rug Space Heater

The electric radiant heating panel plugs right into a standard outlet and costs only three to four cents an hour to run, making it a cost-effective addition to your home. The 5' x 7' size is great for heating an entire room comfortably and evenly, and being ultra-thin at 1/16" no one will notice anything but the comfort of an evenly heated room.  The space heater can be used with a timer or hard-wired with a thermostat to maximize usage of the unit. Other sizes are also available.

For best results follow the instructions closely when setting up and using your RugBuddy Under Rug Space Heater. For more information or to order, click here.

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