Wasabi & Beef Doritos From Frito-Lay Japan: Shut Up & Take My Money!

Could new Wasabi & Beef Doritos be a snack fit for a king? Frito-Lay Japan hopes to drive the point home by dubbing these meaty dippers “Royal Rich Taste Tortilla Chips”. Ditch that turkey drumstick, Henry, there's a new aristocratic snack in town – for a limited time only.

Now we'll be the first ones to admit the continual introduction of one lip-smackingly bizarre new Doritos flavor after another tends to numb the senses (not to mention the taste buds) but come on... Wasabi & Beef Doritos?? Just reading those words has got us drooling like one of Pavlov's prize pooches.

According to Frito-Lay Japan, the luxurious “royal” texture of these premium corn chips combined with the flavors of pungent wasabi and juicy grilled beef make a snack suited to the discriminating tastes of adults. Whatever, dude, just shut up and pass the bag!

Introduced on February 9th, Wasabi & Beef Doritos are destined to be discontinued on April 27th so we suggest you stock up as if a nuclear war was on the horizon. Mind you, the still-crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is on the horizon from most parts of Japan so going full frantic hoarding mode is a cinch.