Wasabi Toothpaste Will Clean Your Teeth, Make Your Eyes Water

Wasabi... not just for spicing up sushi anymore! Since most mint-flavored toothpastes jumped the proverbial shark long ago, Japan's teeth techs have moved on to other aromatic herbs such as wasabi.

No need to take home the little green dab sitting alongside your sushi, however, thanks to Village Vanguard's new and unusual wasabi-infused toothpaste!

Anyone would admit flavoring toothpaste with wasabi (the sinus-blasting horseradish condiment most frequently found in and around sushi and sashimi) is a tad extreme. “The idea for this product came up during an in-house competition at our company,” explained Tadashi Munechika, an employee with Village Vanguard's product-development division, as told to Japan Real Time. Yep, that sounds about right.

Although Village Vanguard is best known for their extensive line of books and novelty items, they take their products seriously. “This isn't a joke," confirms Munechika. “We developed the product with a toothpaste maker, so it is effective in fighting cavities,” he added.

One proviso for potential users, according to Munechika, is that Village Vanguard doesn't recommend it be used by children due to its “pretty intense taste.” Packaging the toothpaste in a tube that looks a lot like a wasabi paste container is looking more and more like the right move.

Lookalike packaging or not, Village Vanguard advises this product should not be used ON sashimi or sushi, only AFTER eating it. Dudes, whatever.