Wasabi Kit Kat: Who Knew Chocolate & Horseradish Could Taste So Good?

The following altercation may have been heard in a sushi restaurant somewhere in Japan: “Hey, you got chocolate on my wasabi!” “No, you got wasabi on my chocolate!” And so, an amazingly unusual snack sensation was born: Wasabi Kit Kat!

Well, maybe it didn't happen exactly that way but regardless of its origins, Wasabi Kit Kat is here – and by “here” we mean Japan. Some (OK, all) might think wasabi is an unlikely choice for a chocolate bar flavoring but then again, we're talking about Japanese Kit Kats for which ANY flavor is fair game.

Introduced as a special “Shizuoka-Kanto Limited” edition from Nestle Japan at the Shizuoka Hobby Show, Wasabi Kit Kat comes in 69-calorie, 12.3 gram “mini” bars packaged in soft plastic wrappers which are in turn packed 12 to a box.

The box is a work of art in itself, eminently suitable for gift-giving and tastefully decorated with wasabi imagery in complementary shades of dark green, pale green and white.

The Kit Kat bars themselves are tinted a delicate pale green, with white chocolate covering the wafers so thinly the latter can be seen through the coating. Inside, powdered wasabi from Tamaru-ya, one of Shizuoka's most famous wasabi makers founded in 1875, is dusted into and onto the wafers.

As for the flavor... you know you're eating wasabi from the telltale nasal “tsun” sensation, but it's not enough to be obtrusive or offensive. They'll probably go very well with a cup of fine green tea or even better: as a dessert following a light sushi lunch or dinner. Restaurant owners are advised to stock up while supplies last! (via Gigazine)

May 18, 2011
by Anonymous

wasabi kit kat

lol interesting...want to taste it :)

May 18, 2011
by T Goodman


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