Wasabi Warning: Use Of This Product May Set Your Face On Fire

We've all been there. Those lip-blistering days of January when winter slashes out at you like a machete, and the wasabi craving is coming down on you like a burning building. You long for a sushi bar, a wasabi sandwich, just the tiniest taste of wasabi ice cream to warm you from the inside out.

But you're nowhere near Japan, and it's take-out pizza as far as you can see. Your situation looks bleak. Until that moment when you thrust your hands into your pockets and your fingers land on your forgotten tube of wasabi lip balm.

In moments you lips are aflame, quickly followed by the rest of you as you are engulfed in a wall of heat, your shoes spontaneously combusting on the sidewalk.

If you love the taste of wasabi and want the feel of it continually burning away at your lips, wasabi lip balm may be just what you've been looking for.

The description says it has all the flavor but not the searing heat of traditional wasabi. Having once mistaken a bowl of wasabi for avocado dip, I don't believe this.

I'm not suggesting this stuff is hot, but apparently the government has been using it to deflect the path of heat-seeking missiles. Pick up your own tube of wasabi lip balm from Amazon.

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