Get Rid Of Old Or Unwanted Tattoos With Simple Cream BLTR


If lasers don't sound like the ideal way to remove that tattoo of yours, you may be in luck. A Canadian Ph. D candidate is working on a simple cream that would work to remove tattoos. Expensive and painful tattoo removal could be a way of the past with Alex Falkenham's cream - Bisphosphonate Liposomal Tattoo Removal (BLTR for short!)

 Falkenham working on BLTRFalkenham working on BLTR

 Traditional laser tattoo removal works by breaking up ink on the skin. Not only is it time consuming and pricey, but laser removal can also damage skin. Despite these negatives, people still flock to dermatology clinics to have their spring break mistakes removed. BLTR wouldn't come with these negatives while safely fading the tattoo. Tattoos are permanent because immune cells that move in to remove the new foreign ink in the skin often become stuck in the subcutaneous layer. These cells suck up the ink with the intent of flushing it from the system, but really these cells lay dormant under the skin, giving a tattoo its permanence. Slowly, these cells will get removed from the body, which is why that giant wolf head in a dream catcher on your shoulder is beginning to fade. BLTR would target those cells containing dye and flush them into the lymphatic system quickly.

Because BLTR is targeting only specific immune cells, Falkenham believes there would be virtually no skin inflammation. There really wouldn't be any side effects to this cream at all. The best part about this cream? The price! Falkenham believes it would cost about $4.50 to cover a 3.9 x 3.9 inch tattoo. That sure beats spending thousands on laser treatments. 

 BLTR isn't ready for use just yet. Falkenham is still working to perfect the cream. Work still needs to be done to perfect the cream, test its safety in human trials, and determine how many applications will be necessary to fully remove a tattoo.  Currently Falkenham is testing the cream on tattoos on the ears of pigs, a species whose tissues are relatively similar to humans. (You can read more about tattoos on pigs here.)

Progress is looking good. As of their latest update on November 2015, they have no news or informational updates to the status of development on the BLTR Tattoo Removal Cream. It should take several years to have this ready for market if all goes well.

So all you can do is be patient and wait for this cream to hit the market, which shouldn't be too hard. After all, that tattoo isn't going anywhere. 

Editor's Note: We've had several request for updates to this article. Unfortunately, there is no recent news to share. We'll update this article as soon as we hear any news. If you can't wait for the tattoo cream, as far as we know tattoo laser removal is the only proven method to remove old tattoos. There are other tattoo removal creams available on the market using different formulations. You may want to take a look at Profade, Wrecking Balm and Tat-B-Gone. It may hurt nothing but your pocket book to see if any of these help while you wait for the BLTR Cream to become available for purchase.

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Originally published March 2015 and last updated November 2015.

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