Wash Off Instant Glow Mousse Offers Self Tanning Without The Commitment

Until relatively recently, having a suntan was thought of as a beauty basic.  People felt that suntans made them look well and more fit, even referring to tanned people as having a healthy glow.  Unfortunately, this belief turned out to be false and many of us turned to self tanners for that sun-kissed look.  The only trouble is that self tanners can be tricky to apply and if you make a mistake you are often stuck with it for several days.

Many who have been ‘burned’ by self tanning experiences have resorted to using bronzers or have chosen to embrace their pasty white skin, but there is a new product available that offers another option.  St. Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Mousse is for those who want a bottled tan that they can wash off whenever they choose.  It is applied in much the same way as regular self tanners, but does not contain the tanning agents that the other products have.

After exfoliation, the mousse is smoothed on the skin with an application glove and then allowed to dry.  Once dry it should not just wipe off on fabrics.  When it is time to remove the tan it can be washed away with soap and water.  The other benefit of this product is that you can get a tanned looked right before heading out the door. (See Glow Mousse)

Via: DailyBeauty and St. Tropez

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