Woof To Wash: Laundry Machines Controlled By Dogs

Those of us with pets are aware that they live pretty cushy lives. They spend their days basking in the sun, chasing squirrels while out for walks, and barking when someone comes to the door. The average dog has few responsibilities - all we expect of them is to be semi-obedient and do their business outside. One company believes that dogs should play bigger roles when it comes to the maintenance of their households than simply licking fallen crumbs off the floor.

Woof to Wash is not a business, but a brand within a brand. Woof to Wash is the line of washing machines that is created by UK company JTM. This company is known for its innovation, offering laundry solutions to various industries and individuals with very different needs. Woof to Wash follows suit, as it provides those with limited mobility assistance with a necessary but daunting task. You may have ascertained this from the name, but of course, the solution requires the services of 'man's best friend' - the dog!

Traditional washing machines just aren't designed to be operated by canines. Not even the brightest or most agile dogs that have had training to assist the disabled can access and select the controls to start a laundry cycle. That's where the first washing machine of its kind from Woof to Wash comes into play. Dogs can open and close the washing machine door with the touch of a paw-friendly button. Service dogs can be trained to collect dirty laundry, and once they have loaded the clothing and linens into the machine they use the voice activation feature to start the single cycle washer. If it isn't evident, that means all it takes to wash a load of laundry is a woof. Dispensing the laundry detergent isn't an issue either, as an equal amount is automatically added to the load when the dog triggers the machine to start.

JTM has not yet released their Woof to Wash machines, but there is no doubt that these won't be revolutionary, particularly once they are added to an already innovative line of existing laundry solutions. 

 Via: Yahoo! News