A Shot Glass Full Of Water And Some Hot Air: Hand Misting

This design, invention, thing... is a Misting machine, a futuristic design for a hand washer. I hope it's very futuristic, because while I'm on board for water conservation, I just don't believe that a shot glass (all 1.5 ounces) of water is going to get anyone's hands clean!

That caveat aside, I have another one: the Misting needs a new shape... don't you think? Because it doesn't look at all like a hand washer that's appropriate for public spaces.  Some might even mistake it for a urinal.


Misting Station by Christian Sugiharto: ©Christian SugihartoMisting Station by Christian Sugiharto: ©Christian Sugiharto


Wheelchair accessible Misting Station by Christian Sugiharto: ©Christian SugihartoWheelchair accessible Misting Station by Christian Sugiharto: ©Christian Sugiharto


But let's not get distracted by details.  The important thing is that this brainchild of Canadian design student Christian Sugiharto combines the technology of blow drying (through pressurized air) with water shooting with the important goal of water conservation.

A thorough Misting will take a total of 15 seconds, according to Sugiharto, consisting of these steps:

  • wet hands (pressurized air and water)
  • soap and lather
  • rinse off soap (pressurized air and water)
  • dry hands (pressurized air)

It makes sense that the Misting Stations would be set up in public restrooms, but perhaps Sugiharto is thinking of them for the home as well, as he's already planning using the Misting technology for showers and sinks.  Hey, why not toilets?

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