Washable Toilet Seat Liner Warms Hearts, Saves Power

If your pet peeve is a cold toilet seat and you're dreading the onset of winter weather, Japan's got something that'll warm your heart... and other, more personal areas. We're talking toilet seat liners: soft, comfy, fluffy toilet seat liners now available in a host of colors, patterns and nap thicknesses from LEC Inc.

My wife often complains about how chilly Japanese homes and apartments can be, yet when I suggested these toilet seat liners would be appreciated she shook her head and gave the ol' thumbs down. Most Japanese toilets and toilet seats are of the heated washlet type, greeting users with warmth if not outright enthusiasm.

Aye, and there's the rub... consider the power tens of millions of heated washlets draw every minute of every day from Japan's beleaguered post-tsunami electrical grid, regardless of whether the castle's king, queen, prince or princess happens to be on the throne.

Energy conservation begins at home, or in this case, the home's bathroom. Unplug that washlet and slap on LEC's toilet seat liners. Goodbye frigid hard plastic, hello warm fuzzy sheep, poodle, etc!

I'll admit, the concept of sticking shaggy liners to the top surface of a toilet seat would seem to be fatally flawed for a variety of reasons we don't really need to get into here.

LEC's got that angle covered: their liners are as easy to remove as they are to install. Testers from Impress Watch bravely put a set of liners through the wringer, literally, and confirmed they'll take a dipping and keep on sticking.

LEC states their products are designed to be washed weekly and are good to go for six months. After that, just toss 'em and buy a new set: they only cost 1,380 yen (about $17.95) per set.

As mentioned, the liners come in a range of colors, patterns and thicknesses from 7mm to 12mm (roughly 1/4 to 1/2 inch). Personally I'm partial to “Poodle”. (via Impress Watch)

Editor's Update: While this exact time is still not available in the U.S., you can find warm washable toilet seat covers on Amazon here and at at other retailers. 

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