Wash-Free Underwear: Meeting The Underwear Fantasies Of Men

As if men need encouragement not to change their underwear, a new line of wash-free underwear doesn’t require laundering due to its unique design. I think it goes without saying that this disgusting fashion underwear design was created by a man.

No Wash Underwear; no longer to men need to resort to following the old rule of wearing their underwear forwards, backwards and inside out (or is it right-side in, inside-out and going without?) to avoid doing the laundry. Unfortunately, these unique boxers don’t need to forgo washing due to their unique self-cleaning capabilities, but because their convenient color choice ensures that any stains blend right into their surroundings due to the strategic design.


As a rule I do try to avoid gender stereotypes…but, come on. What more can I say?


Via: Weird News-About.com

May 17, 2009
by Anonymous


It was designed by someone's date or spouse to make fun. Or, by their employer, to make OSHA.

May 22, 2009
by Anonymous

Clever (In A Gag-Me-With-A-Spoon Kind Of Way)

I frequently peruse the internet in search of eco-inspired tidbits to post on Greenwala, which is an online green social network that I belong to. Your website always has interesting little goodies here and there, but this one takes the cake because it perpetuates the treehugger stereotype in a tongue-in-cheek manner. I think that greenies with a sense of humor could appreciate the ridiculous and yet undeniably funny qualities of these boxers. They certainly would help the user to reduce their household water consumption...so I give them one greenie thumbs up. (Let's not get into the issues that could arise with poor personal hygiene...) Anyway, you win! I'd be crazy to NOT share this with the community members at Greenwala. Thanks for the laugh! Sincerely, Elizah Leigh -- www.greenwala.com