Watch Out! There Might Be Bones In Your Gummy Bear!

Huh.  Who knew that gummy bears had internal organs?  Or a brain?  Which brings up the disturbing notion that we've been eating sentient beings for all of these years.

Okay, I'll fess up: this isn't actually gummy bear candy.  Instead its a clever 8.5" tall model called The Visible Gummy Bear that you can build and put on display.  Back when I was a kid we had human versions of these in our science class.  They always sort of creeped me out because the morbid side of me (the side that watched old, British horror films) imagined these see-through people oozing blood.

Fortunately, all that I can imagine with this little bear is it oozing deliciousness.  Though it isn't edible.  And even if it was, it would be crunchy.

Created by artist and designer Jason Freeny, The Visible Gummy Bear is made up of 41 plastic pieces.  These consist of skeletal parts, organs, and the "invisible bear" shell that surround them.

Egad.  That sort'a looks like someone dug up a pet cemetary.

Instructions are included to assist in building The Visible Gummy Bear.  It has some small parts, so it is recommended for ages 8 and up.

This video shows the process of building this cute little see-through model:


Doesn't look too difficult.

You can get your very own Visible Gummy Bear at ThinkGeek for a measely $39.99.

Video uploaded by dial2fast on December 13, 2013.


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