Watch that Bike or Bike that Watch?

If you don't know by now, just about anything can be recycled and reused and turned into something amazing. Take these miniature bikes for example, designed Brazilian Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau, an advertising professional. The bikes' parts come from watch parts.


Inspired by the movie Easy Rider and by his love for motorcycles, Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau design's these miniatures during the weekends as a hobby. "Pfau makes the miniatures on the weekends. It is a personal collection and they are not for sale yet, but he hopes to be able to sell them in the future. He owns more them 200 miniatures at the moment." (


Not all his miniatures come from watch parts. He also makes them out of wood, pottery, screws, wires and anything else he can find, but his most popular are the bikes made from watch parts and particularly those made to resemble the bikes in the movie Easy Rider.

I wonder how many watch pieces it would take to make a life sized bike? Its innovative visions like these that make you wonder about all the recycling possibilities. What do you think? Take a look at the bikes for yourself at Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau's website .

Via Superuse