Watch It! Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch Records Your Christmas Antics

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like letting kids spy on the family's holiday fun, and with the Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch, they can conduct Yuletide espionage and save the world from those who might steal their precious presents.

Right now, the Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch is firmly planted in Amazon's list of top 20 best-selling toys, and after reading the reviews and looking at just what this watch can do, it's no wonder. The Watch comes with a video and picture as well as the ability record audio, and in total can get 20 minutes of video,  2000 pictures and four hours of sound. In addition, the videos and pics can be easily seen on the 1.4 inch playback screen of the Secret Mission Video Watch.

The Secret Mission Video Watch also features a USB port and cable so that it can be connected to a computer to either a) download incriminating evidence of dad overeating or mom dropping the turkey on the floor or b) grab a Secret Mission from the Spy Net database.

Secret Mission Watch: the inner workings.Secret Mission Watch: the inner workings. 

That's right - kids can download their very own secret spy missions that will play out in the form of videos on their watch. Not content simply to give kids the ability to record and analyze holiday festivities, the Secret Mission Video Watch also gets kids right into the action.

Based on the Amazon reviews, everything works just as advertised on the watch, and children right around the age of 10 will find it indispensable. Complaints about the product so far include only that the battery life can be on the short side and that getting missions from the Website is no easy task. In every case of an issue, the tech support line was listed as being very helpful, but while kids will have no end of fun with the watch, it can require a fair bit of parent supervision and involvement.

Still, we're talking about Super Secret Spy Missions here, and those don't come without sacrifices. Every good spy needs and excellent tech team to get their job done, so rather than thinking of themselves as put upon, parents should imagine themselves as gadget master "Q" from the James Bond serires - Mr. Bond would never have done so well without Q around to back him up.

The Spy Net Secret Mission Video watch is $49.97 at Amazon and can be a great way to give a kid Christmas fun and capture some unexpected memories from the holiday season.

Source: SpyNet 


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how do you download mission vidieos on your spynet video watch??