Watch Out Disneyland, China May Be Jumping Ahead of You!

According to an official announcement from the China Space Technology Group, there are plans to work in collaboration with the Hainan provincial government to build a theme park based on the innovative ideas and historical achievements of aeronautics.

Built near Wenchang’s Satellite Launching Center, the 7 billion yuan project will be the world’s largest aeronautics theme park when it opens its gates. The first phase alone will cover 4.066.667 square meters of space, and the entire project is designed to entice children and adults alike. It will serve as both an educational site as well as a tourist trap, guaranteeing public interest and a return on investment.

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Some of the features the theme park will include are a simulated space hall, a vocational center for aeronautics experts, and even a museum. A portion of the park will hold “space city,” which will give guests a perfect view of the launching center. One floor of the “city” will host an entertainment zone, the second will be an exhibition area, and the third will include a stage and other features to focus on shows and various other entertainment activities.

The hub of the park will be Tai Kong Zhi Men (in English – the Space Gate) where people can relax and enjoy more of a vacation rather than educational feel.

In interviews and press releases, officials continually brag about the above mentioned point of being the world's largest aeronautics theme park. However it should be noted that only one other - near Kennedy Space Center in Florida - is in existence in the world.

So yes, China does run the distinct possibility of being the largest, even if the competition isn't very fierce.

No official opening day date has been released to the public as of yet.


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Oct 5, 2007
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What is this has to do with Disney?

Nov 2, 2007
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Space Theme Parks

It would be fantastic if China built the world's largest aeronautics theme park. I have been to Kennedy Space Center and it is fantastic and it would be great if the chinese one is built. It would be a great tourist attraction and I would definitely visit it.