Watch Out Warning Triangle Beams Caution Into The Sky

Red highway warning triangle gets an update with holographic technology - Batman himself would be both jealous and cautious. 

 Little red highway warning triangles are a great way to let motorists know they're going to plow into the back of your car seconds before they do. Now, designers Chun-Chieh Chang and Wan-Hua Tsai have come up with the holographic Watch Out Warning Triangle to make the little red standard a bit more viable on the road.

The idea has already won an iF Concept Design award in 2010, so someone out there thinks that the idea is valuable, and we can see where it would certainly come in handy.

The Watch Out would be deployed just like a regular red warning triangle, but instead of being simple thin red plastic, it would be a triangular white stand with a red triangle on the face. When the device was turned on, a holographic version of the standard red triangle would be projected into the distance behind the car.

Watch Out: It's a triangle!Watch Out: It's a triangle! 

Details on how exactly the Watch Out is supposed to work are sketchy, but we have visions of red Watch Out symbols dotting the night sky as the triangles are knocked over or improperly positioned. Another concern aside from them mechanics of the device is safety. Sure, it would be nice to know that there was more lead time for other drivers to know  that your car was broken down up ahead on a foggy night, on a road no one had travelled for 20 years, right next to that spooky old cemetery....

Of course, in that case, the other drivers would likely be zombies, so maybe warning them isn't a good idea.

For live drivers, however, this presents an interesting problem. It is quite possible that the appearance of a large glowing red triangle in the air would prompt a "WTF is that thing...ohmigod a car!" SMASH type of situation.

Still, the current plastic triangle method is not exactly stellar, so there may be a bright red future for the Watch Out.

Source: Yanko Design 

Sep 21, 2010
by Anonymous

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