Watch Your Step on Disappearing "Wall Stairs"

Unless you're on par with the likes of James Bond, or frequently find yourself escaping from super-villains, it's unlikely that you have any real need for a staircase that disappears at the touch of a button. But just in case, allow me to introduce "Wall Stairs," designed by Aaron Tang. He likes to think of his stairs as a redefined door: A structural element that allows passage to another environment when open, and prohibits passage when closed. And in this case, that restriction is quite literal.

That last step is a doozyThat last step is a doozyThese stairs are so nifty that even with room to spare, my guess is you'd want this space-saving innovation, if only to play with them every day. In the flat position, this staircase is flush with the wall. At the simple push of a button, powerful hydraulic pistons slide the frame out and the planks that make up the actual stairs gently drop down in a graceful, upward-bound wave, creating a solid staircase from which to reach new heights.

Or, your intention might be to run away from a psychopathic maniac and find safety on the second floor. You could also create a really exclusive VIP room at a party and generate a tangible sense of separatism from your not-so-cool guests (that is, until they get a ladder and come beat you). Whatever your aim, you can (maybe) get to higher ground with these stairs. But I would suggest exercising caution while inebriated: Don't forget to push that button, or you're in for a nasty fall!

Found via treehugger

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