Watchhaler Helps Children With Asthma

As a parent that has a child with asthma, I am constantly concerned about whether my son is getting the proper amount of medicine to treat him. Since he is young, he can not hold his breath like an adult can so he uses an inhalation aid called a spacer.

A German company has created an innovative, child friendly inhalation aid (aka spacer) for children called the "Watchhaler®". The product was launched in April 2007 in Europe and has recently been cleared by the FDA for use in the US.

Although there are many inhalation aids out there for children, the Watchhaler® is suppose to be better than all the other products out in the US market. The Watchhaler was designed to make the inhalation as effective and convenient as possible for the young patients. Here are the benefits of the Watchhaler:

  • Visible Feedback to parents
  • Better Design for better Compliance
  • Flow and Volume control
  • Only one Inhalation necessary


My son uses the Aerochamber (this is one my doctor's regularly prescribes) with his asthma inhaler. Since I am familiar with how to use one, I will set out the steps of using it. First, I attach his inhaler to the bottom of the Aerochamber. Second, he puts the mask that is attached to the Aerochamber on so its covers his mouth and nose. Third, I release one puff from his asthma inhaler. Fourth, my son takes five deep breaths. Finally, he can remove the Aerochamber mask from his face after that.

This are steps on how to use the Watchhaler:

After the child removes the Watchhaler from the mouth and exhale. The folding balloon expands back to it's home position.

It seems to make sense that the visual aspect of seeing the balloon deflate completely is an easy way for a child to see when he/she is done with taking his/her inhaler. I'm curious about this product and whether my pediatrician would recommend it. Next time I visit the doctor's office, I will definitely ask about this product.


via For information, check out the Watchhaler website.



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Aug 18, 2008
by Anonymous

Re: Whathaler helps children with asthma

Interesting device and more child friendly than others. But I am wondering if the efficacy is the same since the mode of delivery of the drug is significantly different to other spacers (single inhalation, variable size of the chamber). Is there any clinical study validating this? It looks like the drug is delivered (deflation of the below), but is it really reaching the lung?