Watching Your Weight? So's This Scale... With Eyes

The GeGeGe no Kitaro Nurikabe Scale, to call it by its full name, was inspired by the Nurikabe yokai monster from the long-running Japanese manga comic and animated cartoon "GeGeGe no Kitaro".

What's a nurikabe yokai, you ask? Well, yokai are traditional Japanese monsters from old folk tales, and a nurikabe is a creature that blocks the paths of travelers while staring at them silently with sleepy, hooded eyes. OK, not much of a monster, but back in the days before Cloverfield, Stephen King and Godzilla it was sort of a big deal.

As the nurikabe from GeGeGe no Kitaro sort of looks like a bathroom scale, some bright marketer thought it would be cool to add a pair of dolorous eyes to make a nurikabe on the cheap. Nevermind that a bathroom scale with eyes is sorta weird - just be glad it can't blab about what it's seen.

Get your very own GeGeGe no Kitaro Nurikabe Scale for just 1,344 yen ($15) each from Village Vanguard, the Exciting Book Store... their words, not mine. And don't whine that it's not digital, cheap is what you pay and cheap, er, "retro" is what you get. (via Village Vanguard)