Water Standard Wins Prestigious Award For Its Desalination Plans

Water Standard has won the 2009 Desalination Deal of the Year, a Global Water Award, given by the premier water industry journal, Global Water Intelligence.  The company's CEO, Amanda Brock accepted the award at a ceremony in Zurich, Switzerland, April 27, 2009, in a room full of many notables, including one of the speakers, Nobel Peace Prize winner, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore.

The Desalination Deal of the Year Award may sound like an unusual name for an award, but it's à propos the achievement of Water Standard, which was to secure nearly $250 million in commitments to fund the development and construction of the first vessel in its fleet of Seawater Desalination Vessels™ (SDV™).  This was a major accomplishment in the desalination sector, and represents a major realization that desalination will play a leading role in solving the global shortage of clean water.

The financial commitments made to Water Standard came, no doubt, because of the ingenious approach and new technological inventions that the company's founders put together.  Unlike other desalination programs, Water Standard will utilize its SDVs to purify and desalinate water at sea... a few kilometers off virtually any shore. It uses reverse osmosis membrane technology to desalinate and a proprietary water intake system that does not harm sea life.  Water Standard has also created a proprietary concentrate discharge system that is environmentally responsible and cost effective on a vessel that can clean and desalinate the water, as well as deliver it where water is needed.

Just two years ago, Water Standard won the Global Water Award for Innovation of the Year for its SDV concept.  Once the first vessel will be constructed, the company has a modular water delivery plan which can accommodate needs for 5 to 50 million gallons per day.

For more advantages of the SDVs, visit Water Standard.