Water Bomb Factory Ups Your Munitions Production

I'm a 44-year-old man.  And I still love a good water balloon fight.  With summer right around the corner, and the intense Florida heat to deal with, water balloons become less of a nuisance and more of an energetic way to cool down.

The AquaAntics Water Bomb Factory is just what the doctor ordered.

The AquaAntics Water Bomb Factory: Get ready to unleash watery hell.The AquaAntics Water Bomb Factory: Get ready to unleash watery hell.

With this little device kids (like me) can fill up and tie up to 100 water balloons in around 10 minutes.  It simply attaches to your hose.  An auto on/off valve controls the water flow and a little arm ties the knot in the balloon.  And all ya gotta do is hook it up to your garden hose.

It stays in place thanks to a table clamp-and includes balloons, so you're ready for war!  Two sink adapters are also included for indoor arming up.

You can't tell me that won't tilt the tables in a water balloon battle!

Put some water balloon ass-kickin' on the other kids with your own Water Bomb Factory from Overtons!

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