Water Fountain Digital Clock Displays the Flow of Time

Digital clocks may be the norm these days, but the Kanazawa Station Fountain Clock is a delightfully liquid variation on the theme.

Kanazawa is a pleasant city of about a half-million situated on the coast of the Sea of Japan. Known in times past for its exquisite decorative artwork featuring precisely worked gold leaf, Kanazawa has a new claim to fame: its amazing digital fountain clock that displays the time using controlled fountains of water.

The clock is located in full public view just outside the impressive gate to the city's train station. It's more than just a clock - the adjustable valving that forms the clock's numeric digits is also used to spell out text messages in both Japanese and English.

Here's a video of the Kanazawa Station Fountain Clock in action, taken by a European tourist:

I learned about this curious clock while researching an article on airport, train and bus station designs for WebUrbanist. The clock is part of a massive, 17.2 billion yen (about $180 million) public works project that remade the Kanazawa Station over a seven-year period ending in 2005.

Other features of note at Kanazawa Station include the traditionally inspired Tsuzumi (Drum) Gate and a huge, glass & steel Welcome Dome just beyond the gate. (image via ataq411)