8 Water Powered Gadgets Use Variety Of Technologies

Where do all of your small spent batteries go?  You know; the AAs and the Ds and the Cs and the watch, camera, yada yada yada batteries.  Tell me you don't put them in the trash!  Well, now you don't have to feel guilty, if you do, because new water or liquid power technologies are already available in some small gadgets and, no doubt, the trend will continue.  (One of these will even run on beer!)

H2O BatteryH2O BatteryThe gadgets we found utilize water in unique ways to obtain power.  Several use the H2O battery for their power supply. The patented technology of the H2O battery uses two specially-formulated alloys - one positive and one negative - that when immersed in water produce electrical energy.  When the water starts getting low in the battery environment, just replenish it.  If you're not using the battery for a period of time, you can remove it from the water, let it dry, and keep it indefinitely to use again at a later time. 

While water power technology is just getting its foot in the gadget door, if you like to be on the vanguard of new stuff, here are some neat water powered gadgets for your home, office, and travel needs.


1. Bedol Water Powered Clock

The Bedol uses the H2O battery and is such a neat little clock (3 x 4.2 x 4.2 inches) in its cool translucent frame.  It's available in orange, blue, green, and all metallic (matching the face and bottle cap of the clock.) 


Bedol Water Powered ClockBedol Water Powered Clock



2. Water Powered Clock In Water Bottle or Can

The tinted water bottles make appropriate vessels for these water powered clocks.  Just twist off the cap to add water to the electrode plates within.


Water powered water bottle clocksWater powered water bottle clocks


Water powered can clocksWater powered can clocks



3.  Tango Group H2O Water Powered Multifunction Clock II

Love the Tango Clock!  It's a clock, an air thermometer, a timer and an alarm!  And you can change the mode by just rotating the clock.  Is that cool?


Tango Group H2O Water Powered Multifunction Clock IITango Group H2O Water Powered Multifunction Clock II



4.  Edmund Scientific Mini Hydro Powered Clock

The Edmund Scientific clock doesn't use any batteries at all; it runs on nearly any liquid - even beer!  As long as the fluid contains electrolytes, the internal converter on this little gadget will extract electrons from the fluid molecules and provide energy for the clock to run.  (I wonder if Gatorade would make the clock run even faster?)


 Edmund Scientific Mini Hydro Powered ClockEdmund Scientific Mini Hydro Powered Clock


Jun 14, 2010
by Anonymous


The hydro-powered digital clock is one interesting thing I had just read over in this blog. such really great people could think out of the box and create these.