8 Water Powered Gadgets Use Variety Of Technologies


5.  Amazing Water Clock

How Amazing is it when a clock doesn need any batteries to run?  Pretty amazing. Apparently the water molecules just move between areas of high density to areas of low density to create energy.  And this Amazing Water Clock can even serve as a bud vase!  Cute!!!!


Amazing Water Clock with bud vaseAmazing Water Clock with bud vase



6. Pollenex Aquassager Water-Powered Massaging Wand

The Aquassager isn't just some kind of fancy showerhead.  It doesn't massage you with water; it uses the water pressure to get its power (and it doesn't need much). The actual massage elements are soft, medium, and hard rubber nodes that you attach to the wand.  The attachments, in addition to the massage elements, are a storage caddy that hooks onto the shower head and a 7 foot hose that allows you to easily extend the Aquassager all the way to your toes.


Pollenex Aquassager Water-Powered Massaging WandPollenex Aquassager Water-Powered Massaging Wand



7. Sylvania 72450 Water Powered LED Shower Light

Another water powered shower gadget, the Sylvania LED Shower Light also uses the water pressure for power and the temperature of the water to determine its color -  blue for cold and red for ouch!   Save energy and turn off your bathroom light!


Sylvania Water Powered LED Shower LightSylvania Water Powered LED Shower Light



8.  H2O Water Powered Desktop Calculator

I have to take my solar powered calculator to a sunny window or hold it directly under a light for it to work.  Now, that's not handy.  But with the H2O Water Powered Desktop Calculator, I can add my writing fees up for years by just adding a few drops of water to the battery every few months.  Much easier.


 H2O Water Powered Desktop CalculatorH2O Water Powered Desktop Calculator


H2O Water Powered Desktop Calculator (back)H2O Water Powered Desktop Calculator (back)




Jun 14, 2010
by Anonymous


The hydro-powered digital clock is one interesting thing I had just read over in this blog. such really great people could think out of the box and create these.