Water Shooting Remote Controlled Car Goes From Zero To Awesome In Eight Ounces

What's better than a remote controlled car with a turbo boost? One that can shoot water on enemies up to 15 feet away! Enter the Water Shooting Remote Controlled Car and run other cars, run from its majesty!

Over at Hammacher Schlemmer they manage to compile and sell a host of odd, interesting and in this case, flat-out fun toys. The Water Shooting Remote Controlled Car has just about everything a kid would want to see in a remote car and then some, as the design gives kids the ability to do what they want to do most during their remote controlled car love affair age range - cause trouble.

The Water Shooting Remote Controlled Car starts out looking like a regular SUV remote controlled car complete with knobby and pneumatic tires for climbing over rocky terrain. It has a three channel remote with two speeds and a turbo boost for catching quickly fleeing bad guys (or parents) that will let it briefly reach 11 mph. The rechargeable battery will give 1.5 hours of playtime on a 40 minute charge and if that were all the thing did, it would still be a pretty sweet remote controlled option.

But no, that's not all.

The Water Shooting Remote Controlled Car also has an 8.5 ounce water reservoir tucked under the hood, one that is connected to a front-mounted water cannon that can shoot up to fifteen feet while moving. That's right - pop a turbo boost, jam down the firing button and suddenly your target will be soaked and you'll be driving off scott-free. Of course, you may be easy to find.

Nonetheless, this $100 remote controlled car is certainly something interesting and we'd be happy to receive it as a gift. We're not sure how everyone else in the house would feel, however.

Source: Hammacher Schlemmer 

Aug 7, 2011
by Anonymous


Amazing idea a water cannon in a car. I think it will make up a nice gift. An small recreational vehicle can also be used as, it will have a bigger tank to hold more water.

Aug 7, 2011
by Anonymous


It will make a nice birthday gift. In fact tanker or a truck or a recreational vehicle can make up a big tank to hold more water.