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The way gas prices keep going up it would be great if we could pour water in our vehicles and then take them for a drive. Crazy idea, right? Maybe, it isn't such a crazy idea. Water can power a lot of things: you, me, batteries, plants, the list goes on. Why then couldn’t water power a vehicle? Maybe it can and Genepax is working on it.

“Genepax says its new concept car equipped with the company's soon-to-be-patented Water Energy System (WES) can run for up to an hour at 80kph on just 1L of water from any source, including rainwater!” Rainwater? That would mean powering up my car would be free. That sounds nice.

Does Genepax's Water-Powered Car from Japan really work? How? Skeptics think not. I don’t know enough about science or cars to tell you one way or the other, but the general idea behind this water powered car from Genepax is this, water is poured in to the car tank. The energy generator in the car extracts hydrogen from the water as the car is still running. This extraction releases electrons that produce electricity that powers the car. The car continues to run as long as you have water to add to it from time to time.

For more information visit the Genepax website and then take a look at the Reuters Video . Treehugger and a professor doubt water car claims. What do you think? Is it too good to be true? Possibly. You be the judge and feel free to leave your comments below.

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Jun 26, 2008
by Anonymous

Poor Water

The way gas prices keep going up it would be great if we could poor water in our vehicles and then take them for a drive

POOR? Really? Is this the new generation of journalism? No proof-reading at all?

Jun 26, 2008
by makeworldbetter
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I don't think Gnenpax is telling complete story

I read their tech note and there is one missing link they didn't explain very clearly and sort of keep secret. They mention a chemical reaction to break down water into H and O. If that's why they are saying, that "Chemical reaction is actually the power source of the whole car, not Hydrgen burning... So I think it's a fake.

However I like the other water to car idea that they use gasoline engine exhaust heat to break water into H and O, then burn them. Yes, you still need gasoline but you are looking at 60% more effective push.





Jun 26, 2008
by Anonymous

JLN Labs

If you go to JLN Labs and look at the aqua fuel projects, you can see that the idea is not too far fetched.

Jun 26, 2008
by Anonymous

How can anyone fall for

How can anyone fall for this!?!?!? It is a clear lie!!!!

Jun 27, 2008
by Anonymous

Its real

I have done this with a small engine and it does work. Its like cooking you need to understand how your ingredients work. Every one has seen or was taught about electrolysis in school. Well that is the general starting point, but move away from DC to AC, and create a resonant condition, (pure water doesn't conduct electricity, only when you add a salt does it conduct, thus if you use water as a dielectric between electrical plates you now have a capacitor) this is the BIG change that makes this work. You power the cell with a modulated signal that sustains a resonant condition. (We have done that with radios for the last 70 years) You can product 1L/hr of HHO with 1.43 watts of power with light tap water. Look at You tube as lots of people are playing with this stuff and YES IT DOES WORK. But also consider how threatening this would / could be to the folks that sell fossil fuels.

Jun 27, 2008
by Anonymous

Another Pantone Engine like!

Sorry guys but that is not just a lie.
Pantone Engines exist since the 60s.
Just search for it a wikipedia!
The only problem that made those solutions silent (and therefore look like fake), was government and other lobbies that have interests in the fuel consumption!
If fuel had gone before, water engines would be perferctly working right now, and noone would be crying out loud on the high price of each refilling!


Jun 29, 2008
by Anonymous

Water Is Not A Fuel!

Water fueled cars are a complete and immediate scam. Water has no chemical energy availble. Water is the *ASHES* left from the combustion of hydrogen with oxygen. You cannot burn it twice!

The Genepax car takes water in as fuel and it puts out water as exhaust!
This is the classic definition of a perpetual motion machine.

That so many people on the internet seem to think this is possible is very very disturbing. It shows a major failure of our primary school system, as everyone graduating from high school should have an understanding of basic conservation of energy and laws of thermodynamics.

Stan Meyer has become some kind of folk hero, but if you look at his designs and
circuit diagrams you can see he was a con-man or else a kook. Among other things,
Meyer believed individual atoms had "intelligence". He also believed his device opened a door to another dimension.

His pulsed-electrolysis method is absolutely no different than any other electrolysis method: it requires more energy to split water than you get back when you burn the products of that splitting. This is consistent with laws of thermodynamics that have been well understood for over 100 years.

The Genepax device is fueled with a reactive metal hydride, such as sodium, lithium,
calcium, aluminum, etc. These metals react with water and produce hydrogen. The fuel is the *metal* not the water. Such metals are used up just as fast as an equivalent amount of gasoline, but the sad story is that the metals are much more expensive than gasoline and also realize the production of metal hydrides has a large carbon footprint.

There will never be a water fueled car.

Jun 29, 2008
by Anonymous

Water does not power people or plants or batteries.

Gloria Campos wrote the article that states:

"Maybe, it isn't such a crazy idea. Water can power a lot of things: you, me, batteries, plants, the list goes on. Why then couldn’t water power a vehicle? Maybe it can and Genepax is working on it."

Water is not a fuel. It does not power humans, or plants or batteries. Humans are powered by carbohydrates. Plants are not powered by water. Plants are powered by sunlight. Batteries are not powered by water. Batteries get their energy by consuming active metals like lithium, zinc, metal hydrides like nickel, etc.

Repeat after me....water is not a fuel. Why are you folks on this web site talking about inventions and science, when you obviously didn't go to a single class in 8th grade?

Yes, you can split water with electricity. But it takes more energy to split a gallon of water than you can get back out of it. The energy must come from somewhere and in the case of electricity it is coming from a coal-fired or nuclear power plant. The carbon footprint of hydrogen is worse than gasoline!

To make an amount of hydrogen equal to a gallon of gasoline, you have to burn about three gallons of gasoline (or fossil fuel equivalent) at the power plant.

I know a lot of you think there is a government conspiracy but you are living in a
world of make believe or worse yet, paranoia.

Burning Water is no different that trying to burn dirt or sand or the ashes left in your
fireplace. These are all compounds that have *already* been oxidized! Sand is silicon dioxide. It is the burned remains of Silicon and Oxygen. Dirt or soil is Aluminum Oxide and oxides of other metals like iron and silicon. Water is the Oxide of Hydrogen.

You cannot burn the oxides a second time! I don't mean to be gross, but saying you can use water as a fuel is like saying you can eat your own poop for food 8^) Yea,
just eat the poop and then poop it back out and eat it again.

That's what the Genepax car is claimed to do: it uses water as fuel and it puts out water as exhaust!

The laws of thermodynamics are as well proven as the laws of gravity. Are you going
to say that gravity is just an "attitude problem" and if people didn't have closed minds they could float off the mountain tops ?

Dec 7, 2008
by Anonymous


Too many bloated, self proclaimed scientists with nothing better to do, than not do any actual science. Much too much time on their hands to sit and blog. Living surrounded by everything that was thought impossible at some time in the past. I guess they get payed so much that they can afford to lay back and fight new ideas just as has been done all through history. Countless times since man came along has science been proven wrong. And countless times it was the scientists that doubted it. And countless times scientists sat with a foot in their mouth. Hey, not everything originally sought was achieved. However other things were then discovered. Let's all go out to the workbench and work on a formula for curing our own bloated egos and work together.

Jan 27, 2009
by Anonymous

Use electromagnetic motor to power serperation of hydrogen

Use magnetic motor to produce electricity to seperate hydrogen making it free. Using magnets.