Waterfall Bar Looks Wet, You Stay Dry

Is this really a wet bar?Is this really a wet bar?

This striking Waterfall bar was originally created as a public display piece for a private gallery in downtown Tokyo. The ginormous hunk of solid "water" was actually cut from an optical glass block -- the same kind of industrial glass that is used in observatory telescopes -- and was crafted through some mysterious and special techniques to produce the aqueous optical effects.

The setup in its entirety was a group effort: The architecture was designed by seasoned modernist Tadao Ando; the work of Copenhagen-native Olafur Eliasson was installed on the courtyard wall where the display was housed; and the actual Waterfall bar was envisioned and actualized by Tokujin Yoshioka, whose lengthy history includes contracts with big names like Issey Miyake, as well as recent receipt of the 2007 Designer of the Year Award by Art Design Miami.

The total effect of this piece is chillingly cool, however the issue of this monolithic slab being a functional bar comes into question. One might need a few more practical fixtures and additions if this whole scene were really to be put into action, as well as a few bottles of windex to keep it all squeaky clean, don't you think?

Tokujin Yoshioka is also producing a similar, limited edition bench that is "made to disappear in the rain," should you want one of these elemental shapeshifters gracing your home.

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Jan 4, 2008
by todayinart.com (not verified)

wonderful texture

I love the texture of that glass!