Waterfly: A New Vision Of Running Shoes

Waterfly Running ShoeWaterfly Running Shoe

Inspired by the Kung Fu mantra, "be water, my friends," the Waterfly Running Shoe concept puts a new spin on the traditional running shoe. Its streamlined shape puts one in mind of a wave in motion, and the material used to make it, allows for great air flow through the shoe as well as giving it a feature that no other running shoe has: the ability to inflate. 

Nano Inflatable FibersNano Inflatable Fibers

Designed by Ron Lo, these aren't the old-school Reebok Pumps, in which you have a lot of shoe that's inflated via air bladders. The Waterfly concept running shoes incorporate nano inflatable fibers that is inflated to different levels, providing optimal support. The shoes are inflated through the motion of the wearer causing the shoe to expand for more support at the ankle. After your workout, you can deflate the shoes by pressing a release valve. 

A blue and green wavy printed textile covers the layer of nano inflatable fibers. This textile is very breathable,  Designer Ron Lo, wanted to give the appearance of ripples in the water with the Waterfly's color and print. The shoe's streamlined shape also resembles water, more specifically a wave in motion. 

Waterfly Inflated And DeflatedWaterfly Inflated And Deflated

When the shoes are deflated, they are more compact, making them easier to throw in a backpack and carry around. Because of the more compact transporting size, the Waterfly running shoes are also easier to package. They require less packing material and less transportation space. Not only does this make them more cost effective for the manufacturer, it reduces the amount of waste accumulated in packing materials.

Reduced Packaging Materials And Transportation CostsReduced Packaging Materials And Transportation Costs

Yet another awesome feature of this conceptual running shoe is the jelly silicone sole. This sole is super lightweight and clear, again embracing the "floating on the water" mantra. The front part of the Waterfly's sole is where the shoe will harness air and transport it to inflate the shoe. 

The jelly silicone sole of the Waterfly running shoe was inspired by the shape of the foot. This, of course, seems like a no-brainer when it comes to shoes, but more than helping support and cushion the foot, these soles were designed to give the impression of running barefoot. 

As I mentioned, the Waterfly running shoe is just in its conceptual stages right now. It received an Honorable Mention nod at the 2015 Red Dot 21 design awards, but it's still not slated to run through production any time soon, so don't go looking for them at your local sporting goods store. 

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