Watermelon Boy In Fruit Suit Goes Viral In China

Photos of a cute kid wearing a handmade watermelon cap & shorts combo have gone viral in China. Be afraid, Fruit Of The Loom, be VERY afraid!

The photos were taken recently in the Chinese city of Wenzhou, located in Zhejiang province on China's east coast just south of Shanghai. The region is currently suffering through one of hottest summers in memory so it's no surprise the child is being saluted for his innovative way of keeping his cool when those all around are losing theirs.

Originally captioned “No need to fear the heat this summer!,” the three photos being shared via social media depict an unnamed toddler playing on the steps and sidewalk alongside Chengxi Street in Wenzhou. His outfit consists of four pieces carved from the rind of a large watermelon: a helmet-like cap, “shorts” with added suspenders, and a pair of matching anklet rings.

China's netizens have generally praised the boy's parents for being environmentally conscious – why waste a perfectly good watermelon rind? Their creativity is also being hailed and as for practicality, if the watermelon had been refrigerated then it's likely the youngster's outfit would actually help keep him cool for a few hours at least.

Eager to outfit your own Honey Boo Boo or Honey Bubba in a fruit suit this summer? Not so fast, Sugar Bear: a doctor quoted by the official People's Daily newspaper warned that watermelon could irritate a child's sensitive skin if worn as clothing for long periods of time.

On the bright side, the same doctor stated that watermelon “is unlikely to cause any allergic reaction if worn by adults.” That's good news for Mama June, though she's gonna need a few more watermelons. (via Want China Times, Sam's AlfrescoHeaven, and DramaFever Blog)