Watermelon Knife is a Sweet Slicer that Cuts Cleanly

The Watermelon Knife is purpose-built by Kuhn-Rikon of Switzerland to enable even the sloppiest kitchen novice to slice watermelons like a pro. The fact the knife looks like a watermelon itself only adds to the joy of using it.

Anyone who's tried slicing a large watermelon with a standard kitchen knife knows it isn't as easy as it seems. The main problem involves making a straight, clean slice all the way through the thick-skinned, round(ish) and unstable fruit – serving your guests rough and wavy slices is just so gauche.

With a working length of 41.5cm (16.6”), the 257gm (9.065oz) Watermelon Knife makes short work of even the largest watermelons.

That thick skin we mentioned often causes smooth-bladed and un-perforated knives to seize up in mid-slice. Not so the Watermelon Knife, which features a specially designed sawtooth waveform on its serrated cutting edge and a series of perforations along its length. The holes not only look like watermelon seeds, they're arranged similarly to the position of seeds in an actual watermelon.

Between the seed-like perforations, the pink-coated cutting blade and the green plastic handle, the Watermelon Knife won't easily be confused for any other knife and will add a dash of appealing color to any kitchen.

It's dishwasher-safe and comes with a matching plastic sheath for personal safety and to protect the blade's edge. The Watermelon Knife from Japan's YO-KO is available at Tokyu Hands stores priced at 3,150 yen or just under $40 each. Thanks, it's been a slice! (via Impress Watch)

UPDATE: The Watermelon Knife is now available in the U.S. here.

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Aug 18, 2012
by Anonymous

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