Water-Scraper: A Green Metropolis in the Deep Blue

 The Water-Scraper Takes Land-Loving Skyscrapers to the SeaThe Water-Scraper Takes Land-Loving Skyscrapers to the Sea

As a result of polar icecaps supposedly melting, sea level is said to be slowly rising around the globe.  Rather than develop more buildings on potentially shrinking land, why not take civilization where it's never gone before: underwater?  The "Water-Scraper," a self-sufficient, floating city, would embody such sentiments.

 Water-Scraper: Awarded an Honorable Mention in Evolo's 2011 Skyscraper CompetitionWater-Scraper: Awarded an Honorable Mention in Evolo's 2011 Skyscraper Competition

Awarded with an honorable mention in Evolo's 2011 Skyscraper Competition, this concept was developed by Sarly Adre Bin Sarkum of Malaysia as a "reaction to the modern skyscraper and its dilemmas."  Sarkum proposes land lovers to consider hO2+ Scrapers, which aim to "break free of the urban fabric and function as self-sufficient ambassadors of the sea. The hO2+ scraper is an autonomous floating unit of livable, functional, and self sustaining space which will function, in a collective manner, as a floating city."

This Atlantis-esque, underwater metropolis would generate its own power from wind, wave, current, solar, and bio sources.  In regards to the architecture, the "bioluminescent tentacles" that constantly move with the rhythm of the tide, along with a system of ballast and balancing tanks will all serve to keep the buildings upright and afloat.  Complete with its own small forest, the structure will of course provide places for sea faring residents to live and work.  Those bioluminescent tentacles will also offer marinelife places to live while they simultaneously contribute kinetic energy to the underwater city through their movement.  These strategies are all in the name of, not only a "zero negative impact" on the environment, but also a positive impact, which explains the plus sign.

Bioluminescent Tentacles: Keep the Structure in Balance and Provide Homes for MarinelifeBioluminescent Tentacles: Keep the Structure in Balance and Provide Homes for Marinelife

These developers predict a bleak future, "where land as a resource will be scarce; it is only natural progression that we create our own."  Considering that about 71% of our planet is ocean (and that number is growing), perhaps the "natural progression" would be to move society into the deep blue.  They claim, "We picture a new metropolis, created from a collection of hO2+ skyscrapers, as a city that does not consume nature but produces nature."

Water-Scraper is a place for Urbanites to Live, Work, and PlayWater-Scraper is a place for Urbanites to Live, Work, and Play

Source: Inhabitat and Evolo

Feb 15, 2011
by Anonymous

Ready to move in Big time

Build some off: Hong Kong, India, So China, Japan, Phillppines,
PNG, Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, Mexico-Caribbean, Med Sea,
Maldives for jobs, tourism, Awesome.

Id add:

Mini Sub ports.
Undersea Observation nodes
Aquaculture Farm
Diver training tanks.
Oil drilling equip.
Salvor equip for sunken wrecks.
Marine sensor web array
Shipyard for 10 ships & drydocks-10.
Solar array
Surface Heliport for 20 copters.