WaySkin Takes The Guesswork Out Of Having Glowing Skin

Have you ever looked at your dull, lifeless skin and wondered how it got that way and how you could bring it back to its former glory? Cracking the code can be tricky. Eating well, getting plenty of water and using the right skin care products all play a part, but sometimes despite our best efforts, our skin just doesn’t reward that care. It needs something else, but what?



Short of having a dermatologist follow you around there’s not much you can do other than guess... or is there? A Korean company called Way Wearable has come up with a handy device meant to take the guesswork out of your skin dilemmas. The WaySkin gadget looks a bit like a flying saucer and is about as high tech.



WaySkin is a handheld disk that, when applied to the skin, provides important information about your skin’s current needs. The device uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (or BIA), a technology often used in body composition machines. In addition, WaySkin is said to measure your environment and lifestyle (such as taking note of UV ratings and humidity levels around you) to better evaluate and make skin care suggestions.



You receive WaySkin readings on your smart device. With this gadget you’ll know when to drink more water, when to apply sunscreen, and how to take better care of your skin overall. WaySkin also provides summaries and graphs to give you a better picture of how you’re doing.

The device comes in two colors and sells for $129.00


Source: WaySkin