Waze Traffic App Offers Child Reminder Feature For Parents And Caregivers

Waze Traffic App Offers Child Reminder Alerts for Parents & Caregivers: Never worry about forgetting your kids or pets in a hot car again.Waze Traffic App Offers Child Reminder Alerts for Parents & Caregivers: Never worry about forgetting your kids or pets in a hot car again.


While most of us adults still have to work in the summer, it is nevertheless a time of year we all look forward to. The backyard barbecues, trips to the beach, fireworks, taking a dip in the local pond, cabin getaways with the family and an assortment of other summertime activities that make the season so enjoyable. Summer is also unfortunately a time when tragedies take place involving two of the most vulnerable groups in society, children and animals. Each year a growing number of infants, toddlers and dogs are left inside cars with baking temperatures, and many of them sadly die. The traffic app Waze is trying to change that.

Waze Traffic App

Apps are a wonderful thing. They’re changing our lives in ways we never thought imaginable by offering us conveniences we never knew we were missing. Waze is a free, community-based mapping, traffic and navigation app. According to their Website, it’s also the world’s largest, allowing drivers to share real-time traffic and road info as it’s happening. This is a distinct advantage over waiting for highway updates on road conditions, traffic delays and estimated travel times from slow news sources and local DOT bulletins. Let’s face it, they rely on the public to give them the heads up, so why not cut out the middleman?

Waze Child Reminder Feature

Besides saving you time and gas money during your travels, Waze is offering a new feature that is long overdue. It’s called the Child Reminder, and it allows anyone traveling with small children or pets to set an alert that will engage upon arrival of your destination reminding you not to forget the kids. It’s a kind of a “Have you checked the children lately?” heads up without all the creepiness and mayhem both Carol Kane and then Camilla Belle experienced in When a Stranger Calls. The option is in beta and is accessible under settings. It only takes a few seconds to set, and you can even include a custom message to accompany the notification.


 Dogs in Hot Cars: Make sure & give pets plenty of air, water & park in the shadeDogs in Hot Cars: Make sure & give pets plenty of air, water & park in the shade


Pets in Hot Cars

Strangely enough, pets are not forgotten in hot cars at near the numbers kids are, but it does happen. Like kids, once they fall asleep and they’re out of sight they can quickly become “out of mind.” For the absent minded, there’s no reason you can’t use the app with pets. What’s far more likely to happen with dogs is their owners are fully aware they’re there but leave them anyways. If you’re going to do this, make sure you park in the shade and that they have moving air and plenty of water, because it doesn’t take long to succumb to heat exhaustion and then death. As a further precaution, set your alarm on your phone for five or 10 minutes so you don’t forget about them, which is super easy to do. Often times what feels like only five or 10 minutes is in reality 30 or 35.

Travel Apps

One of the most important things to using the Waze Traffic App and others that might follow is getting into the habit of using them consistently. If you don’t take advantage of it, it can’t help you. If you use it sporadically, it’s easier to forget. Make it a habit of setting the reminder immediately before or just after strapping your kids in. It can be on your safe travel checklist like putting your seat belt on and adjusting your mirrors. For avoiding dicey neighborhoods that you might inadvertently find yourself in, Waze is also offering a feature that will issue Crime Risk alerts to notify you if you’re heading into an area previously identified as a high crime neighborhood.

Let us know in the comments section below if you’ve tried the app and either of these options and what your thoughts are on them.