We7 Eliminates Music Download Pirating, One Embedded Advertisement At A Time

In today's day and age, everyone is looking for new music to listen to on their iPods or MP3 players; but the options available to download music aren't always the most desirable. Music lovers can either download songs from iTunes or other music distribution services for a per song fee, or they can risk criminal prosecution by downloading pirated versions available from peer-to-peer exchange networks. Fortunately, there's now We7, a music sharing site that provides free music, with some strings attached.

We7 was spearheaded by Peter Gabriel in an attempt to stop music pirating, while still providing musical acts the chance to profit. The concept of We7 is simple; music lovers can download and listen to complete songs or albums online to listen to with one small contingency. In order to receive the music for free, music listeners must first listen to or watched an embedded advertisement, from which all revenues go to the recording artist. Downloaders can rest assured that by using We7, they don't risk any legal ramifications, and in a round about way, they're still providing support to the musical act.

Unfortunately, with We7, there is one either set of strings attached; to date, it's only possible to listen to their music online if you want to get it for free. In order to download high-quality MP3 version well-suited for an iPod, it's necessary to dish out some dough.

Are websites like We7 onto something here - do they offer the best of both worlds for music lovers and recording artists alike?