We All Scream For Electro Ice Cream

From the presumably brain-frozen mind of Orhan Gurbanov comes the Elctro Ice Cream Maker concept, a stylish, portable way to enjoy everyone's favorite frozen treat.

If you don't love ice cream you may need medical attention. We know that some people out there claim it is "too cold" or that there simply isn't a flavor they like, and to those people we say: "more for us". But while interest in the greatest of creamy treats remains high and home-based ice cream making concepts have been around for a while, most of them suck. This is due similar problems including the fact the the ice cream typically tastes like crap and it takes one hell of a lot of effort to make any in the first place.

Now,Orhan Gurbanov has created the Electro Ice Cream Maker concept, which not only features a sleek and stylish round design but requires nothing from you than sticking in your favorite ingredients and pressing the "on" button.

Gurbanov's design works like this: a budding ice cream chef starts by taking out the included glass ice cream bowl and filling it with all of the ingredients for frozen fun. Next, they place the glass bowl into the Electro Ice Cream Maker and snap down the elastomeric lid, ensuring that there are no pockets of air to escape or spaces for tasty cream to dribble out. Finally, the single round operation button is pressed and the machine takes care of the rest. LEDs on the front of the machine monitor the ice cream's progress and when the cycle is finished one need only press the square button to release the lid. The result: ready-to-eat ice cream in a glass serving bowl for convenience.

Ice cream: portable style.Ice cream: portable style. 

The concept also includes easy removal of all parts for simple cleaning and while no specific power source has been mentioned, the common wisdom says that the Electro Ice Cream Maker will likely run off of a Li-Poly battery to give it maximum churning life. Gurbanov is hoping to sell the new makers for around 100 Euros a pop and will probably be able to get that much if thing actually works as intended.

Great ice cream with minimal effort?

We'd scream for that.

Source: Tuvie