Wear Your Fitness Tracker On Your Ankle With Flyfit

Flyfit Smart Ankle TrackerFlyfit Smart Ankle Tracker

Activity trackers abound in today's fitness market, and each offers its own spin on what you need in a tracker--each has its own perks. Thr Flyfit Ankle Tracker, is the one you wear on your ankle. Actually, it is the only one you wear on your ankle, and that makes for quite a few perks.


Because you wear Flyfit on your ankle, it is able to measure leg movement. You don't get that with wristband trackers. Wristband trackers measure vibration with wrist position, which is great for walking and running, but not so great when you're cycling. That makes Flyfit ideal for cyclists and runners alike. Flyfit also comes with a waterproof connector, which means you can also wear it while swimming or training in wet conditions, like rain and snow. You can't really find that in other fitness trackers. 

Flyfit Ankle TrackerFlyfit Ankle Tracker

Of course, Flyfit offers the fitness tracker standard features, like a daily activity log, sleep log, calories burned and an app, which records all of this. The Flyfit app also lets you see your activity in real time, and gives you the option to link your activity log with your friends' logs so that you can compete with them, which helps you and them stay motivated. 

Flyfit is iPhone and Andriod compatible and offers about 5-7 days of battery life. It is also Bluetooth capable and comes with adjustable bands and/or an ankle sleeve (the Flyfit device can be transferred between the two). It hasn't yet hit the market, but you can reserve your own and find more information on the Flyfit site.