Wear Your Smartphone On Your Forearm With Syte Sleeve

Syte SleeveSyte Sleeve

Most gym goers who exercise with their smartphone either carry it around in their hand or wear it in an armband. Neither of these methods are as convenient as a forearm sleeve. Syte Sleeve is the forearm sleeve that makes exercising with your smartphone easier.

The problem with carrying your phone around at the gym is that it's always in your hand, and you need your hands to lift heavy things, or you have to sit it down somewhere and inevitably you misplace it. Armbands are a great solution to this problem, but they often restrict your movement. Syte Sleeve gives you an less restrictive, more convenient alternative to these options.

Running With Syte SleeveRunning With Syte Sleeve

Syte Sleeve is designed to fit around your forearm. It has a plastic face, so that you can see your smartphone's screen. The smartphone pocket is detachable and the clear cover allows you to use the touchscreen. Having your smartphone on your forearm instead of your bicep is also more convenient for accessing the touchscreen--doing things like changing a song or turning up the volume. 

Syte Sleeve After A Run In The RainSyte Sleeve After A Run In The Rain

The sleeve itself is made of a moisture wicking material that keeps you cool and comfortable. With this material and the plastic pocket, Syte Sleeve can protect your smartphone in inclement weather (check out the picture above to see how Syte Sleeve holds up in the rain). Syte Sleeve also has asymmetrical zippers that allow you to plug in your headphones in either the top or bottom. 

Don't look for Syte Sleeve at your local sporting goods store just yet. This product is still in its developmental stages. However, it is well on its way to being funded on Kickstarter. If you want more information on Syte Sleeve, check out its Kickstarter page