Wear a Fin and Pretend To Be A Dolphin: Great Idea?

The design plan for Patent#US D494652 is a Dolphin Fin Swimming Accessory that is meant to be worn while swimming with dolphins in the wild to assist the swimmer with imitating their underwater maneuvers. The swimmer here is under the influence, but not of devilish alcoholic spirits. Why anyone would want to do this is questionable, as no one really knows if the dolphins are fooled or even care, for that matter. They are always smiling anyway, so who can tell?



The Dolphin Fin Swimming Accessory is meant to enhance the swimmer’s experience with those amazing creatures of the deep, and it is a clever idea in its own way. But consider for a moment, just the word ‘fin’ and the mental repercussions of such when seen rippling ever so softly through the water. The fin needs some kind of visual identification to differentiate it from a shark; like maybe a propeller such as the kind they used to put on top of kids’ beanies; anything so that nearby swimmers don’t get heart attacks as the fin approaches their space.

Aquatic sports have inspired many inventions and even some for swimmers that have more than two legs. Consider “Spot's Illustrated 2008 Dog Swimsuit Issue” and “

I like dolphins, but as far as the Dolphin Fin Accessory is concerned, I think I will pass. I prefer my fins in currency or seen from very, very far away.

Via Patently Silly