Wear Nature Smack In The Face, Especially If You’re an Ugly B@$tard

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In the city tall buildings, busy streets, unpleasant sounds and unpleasant smells can make living or working in urban life unbearable. What if you could carry a piece of nature with you all day? Would wearing a living accessory make a difference?

In hopes of bringing nature back to urban life designer Ben Landau and artist Brittany Veitch have created living and wearable accessories, concept art, made to speak volumes about environmental issues within urban life. They call their art Bio Accessories and it is currently exhibiting at the Melbourne City Library till August 30, 2009. "Bio-accessories is an experimental speculation of responsive, functional, fashionable and emotional craft within a city living context." Bio Accessories, also tagged "wearable living couture accessories" and "mobile natural environments" comes in a variety of forms, but their main purpose is to help mask unpleasant urban sounds, sights and smells by using fresh air, bird calls and greenery.

Now, I try never to judge art, especially when it is done for the benefit of the environment. Beauty after all is in the eye of the beholder, but I worry about the Bio Accessory mask, the one the model wears smack in front of her face. Can she see properly with it on? It seems to blind her vision. I know it is suppose to help her block the ugly sights of urban life, but what good will it do if she trips and falls. This is the type of mask I imagine people wearing in not so clean future, when all clean air has dissipated from the earth and we must wear the right in front of our faces to survive. I compare it to a hospital mask, but little plants growing out of it.

One designboom reader, me, typed, "the 'face mask' would be also very good if you are an ugly bastard! bigger head, add more water and don't leave home until it grows to cover it up!! was it inspired by hannibal lector? lol". This unexpected comment had me laughing for several minutes.

However, I do admire the artist's and desinger's points and convictions. I also find myself intrigued by the bird on the stick headgear. It definetly would be nice to carry a little bird around with me all day. I love the sounds of birds singing in the morning, during the day and even at night. Bringing one along with me would make any day much better, so long as the bird lands only on the stick (after a quick flight) and never poops anywhere on me.

If Bio Accessories intrigues you too click here for more information.

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