Wearable Tech: Intel's New And Very Snazzy Smart Bracelet


Intel Smartwear: Source: Intel.comIntel Smartwear: Source: Intel.com


 Linking Fashion With High Tech

The Intel smart bracelet, which is expected to debut later in 2014, represents a colorful collaboration between Intel, Opening Ceremony, Barney's and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). While the function of the new bracelet remains shrouded in mystery, it is clear the device wil be stylish, edgy, functional and possibly even mainstream. According to a Yahoo News Report, Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich said: "We are looking at a broad eco-system of wearables, not just the device or silicon."


Intel Logo: Source: Intel.comIntel Logo: Source: Intel.com


According to Engadget, Intel is hoping to increase the sales of its wearable tech line by capitalizing on the concept that design is the key element for consumers when it comes to buying and wearing a smart watch or bracelet.


The Designers Behind The New Bracelet

 Opening Ceremony founders, Carol Lim and Humbert Leon had this to say about their future bracelet:

"We are expected to be one of the first fashion companies to work along side a tech company like Intel. It's great because each of us brings together what we are good at...We want to make something that you'd want to wear on a daily basis ...It will be a device fashionable enough that people will want to style it with Magritte Manolos and the Kenzo sweatshirt."


Kenzo Sweatshirt: Source: Fashiondaily.comKenzo Sweatshirt: Source: Fashiondaily.com


 Lim and Leon were the designers of the kitschy and very succesful Kenzo tiger-face sweatshirt which allows its wearers to sweat in style in an array of colors and adorn its front with piles of costume jewelry. The masterminds behind Kenzo took the 1970s designer's hallmark bold designs and flamboyant layering style and incorporated them into a colorful new chapter in fashion design.

This classic duo will create the new smart bracelets which Barney's and Opening Ceremony will then sell  in their retail stores.  he design for the up and coming device will hopefully stabilize that still wobbly bridge connecting perfect fashion with high tech.


Lim and Leon: Source: guardian.ukLim and Leon: Source: guardian.uk


Leon and Lim were suburban kids with California roots who met  at UC Berkeley and began their careers in the corporate world  (Humberto at the Gap, Old Navy and Burberry and Carol at Bali). Opening Ceremony ( a name and mission inspired by the Olympic Games) originated in 2002 and rose to prominence from a single store in downtown Manhattan to "a global community with outposts in New York, London, and Los Angeles, a department store in Tokyo, a whoselsale showroom, an in-house clothing line, a blog, an e-commerce site, a TV channel and an annual magazine."

The  Mission of Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony stores stress fun and experiences that appeal to the senses.  One room in one of the stores is entirely upholstered in Lego, including the ceiling. Their scope is international as every year they display the talents, spirit and merchandise of another country, creating a global element to the  dynamic world of fashion.

At the Opening Ceremony Fashion Show last fall, no one was sporting any "wrist candy" even though Belgian chocolate in the form of free bars and waterfalls flowed like wine.  As part of the promotion, two of the Belgian chocolate giveaway bars contained a Golden Tcket redeemable for oneof Intel's smart bracelets once they become available.

Alyse Ildeniz, vice president of business development and strategy for Intel's New Devices Group, told The Cut:

"At Intel as a company we are looking at different partnerships in the wearable space...Up until today, we've seen that tech companies are largely driving it, but because wearables are so personal, and because you have to wear it as a reflection of yourself, the fashion industry should be driving it..."

Although only time will tell about the appearance and function of the future smart bracelet from Intel, it is likely to be as spectacular as the publicity surrounding it, considering the expertise and talents behind its creators.

 Patience, you geek-chics out here. The time will soon come.